Woodspirit Clock, Carved Bark Wall Piece

PaperCuts Studio Art

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These pieces are carved by hand with knives and gouges from driftwood cottonwood bark and finished with a spray varnish for protection. Hanging hardware is attached to the back. Recommended for indoor display only. 

These pieces are drilled and mounted with clock faces.  The batteries are currently taped to keep them from wearing down and can be started on receipt.

Approx measurements: 10-17" long, 3-4" wide

Legend has it that every tree in the forest has a spirit to it. These spirits watch over and protect the forest and all the creatures that live in it. They are old and wise, but also very shy, and are rarely seen by people. Seeing one is supposed to bring good luck. This woodspirit has been released from the bark of his tree as a woodcarving. Brought into a home and treated kindly, he will watch over and protect the home as he did his tree and his forest. He is a connection to the legends and mythology of long ago, and a reminder of the beauty, mystery, and interconnectedness of nature.