About the Artist

Welcome to PaperCuts Studio, thank you for stopping by! I am Bee Crane, and I am a self-taught woodcarver and cut-paper artist. 

cut paper art sample pictures
I sketch with a knife to capture the detail and depth of texture in plants and animals and experiment with lace-like delicacy in my abstract cuttings. The watercolor paintings I create as backdrops emphasize the theme and lines of each cutting and bring the design to life.

There is a fascination to the precision needed to complete a piece, and an ever-changing flow to the details that keeps the work and the process always different, always exciting. There is no going back to correct with cut paper, forcing me to stay flexible in my designs and plans so I can find new ways forward.



woodcarving pictures

The woods are one of my favorite places to be, and I love letting the personality of each rib of cottonwood bark shine by releasing the spirit captured inside. There is something about the smell of fresh-carved wood that brings joy and peace to my soul, and I hope my work can bring a little of the outdoors into your home and bring you that joy as well!

All of my carving work is done by hand with knives and gouges, and is unsanded to allow the detail and tooling marks to show. My face carvings have ink and paint for the eyes. My cottonwood work is treated with a spray varnish for protection, and the hardwood ornaments are natural wood with no finishes.