Crooked Santa, Carved Wood Ornament

PaperCuts Studio Art

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I hand-carve each of my wood pieces individually using knives and gouges. These ornaments are carved relief-style from flat pieces of Basswood, Butternut, Mahogany, or Spanish Cedar. They are left unsanded to maintain the carved details of the expression, the hair, and the beard, and are not stained, dyed, or painted except for black and white paint for the eyes to make the faces come alive.

My crooked Santas are based on the characters that jump out at me from odd-shaped scraps of wood.  This means each one has a unique personality, and there will never be 2 exactly the same.  The pictures are samples; if you prefer a specific piece please contact me before ordering to make sure I can get you your favorite!


Crooked:2-5" long, .5-2" wide, .25-.5" deep

These pieces make fantastic small gifts, Christmas decorations, ornaments, or keychains.